How to choose a good acrylic display stand?

Acrylic display stands are essential in stores and supermarkets. Whether it is food, clothing, accessories, all items need to be presented to consumers through display shelves. A good acrylic display rack can fully display the characteristics of the product; Rich accessories, and each component can be recorded live installation, a variety of colors, professional designers superb design. So how do we choose a good acrylic display stand? Here's what to do with (MAETOH):

Acrylic display stand

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The essential features of the fine acrylic display stand must:

 Beautiful appearance, firm structure, freedom of assembly, quick disassembly, convenient transportation. And the boutique display stands in a beautiful style, elegant and elegant, and has a good decorative effect. The boutique display frame makes the product play an extraordinary charm.

How to choose a good acrylic display stand:

First, pay attention to observe the transparency of the acrylic display rack when purchasing. Because good acrylic materials have excellent light transmission, the fine acrylic display usually has good light transmission.

Second, when purchasing, you can touch the acrylic display rack to judge how it is based on its quality. The high-quality acrylic display has a sleek, smooth surface and feel, and will not easily leave fingerprints or other marks.

3. The stability and pressure bearing capacity of acrylic display racks should generally be selected within the load-bearing range. No deformation or slight distortion will occur when the items are left on their shelves.

Fourth, whether or not the thickness of materials is one of the criteria for simply measuring the quality of the acrylic display rack. Because the materials used in the acrylic display stand are different, their thickness will certainly be different. Buyers can identify the quality of this product by comparing it directly with the thickness of the standard acrylic display stand. At the same time pay attention to observe the color of the display. The high-quality acrylic display stands with uniform color and good integrity.

Acrylic book shelf display

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 Apart from distinguishing the quality of the acrylic display from the raw materials and appearance, the functional design of the overall product is also one of the criteria for determining the quality of an acrylic display stand. A good acrylic display rack can fully display the required content, leaving a deep impression on consumers and achieving brand promotion. All in all, a good acrylic display stand, when displayed at the end of the product, must be able to attract consumers' eyeballs and give people a brighter feeling, so as to achieve the purpose of product display, and at the same time improve brand awareness and reputation. degree.

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