How to identify the pros and cons of acrylic sheet?

Acrylic sheet also has advantages and disadvantages. At present, there are many good and bad acrylic sheets on the market, and many of them have obvious differences in performance. So that people do not know how to choose quality, good performance acrylic sheet. Then let's analyze how we can identify the advantages and disadvantages of Acrylic sheet.Acrylic-sign-board (3).jpg

Acrylic products

First, we first understand the 7 advantages of acrylic sheet:

1. Excellent weather resistance,

2. Higher surface hardness and surface gloss

3. Better high temperature performance

4. Excellent processing performance and easy processing, reasonable cost

5. Recyclable waste

6. Chemical resistance, stronger than most other plastic materials;

7. It is easy to clean and maintain, so that the appearance of signboards and light boxes is as long as ten days.

Second, how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of Acrylic sheet?


 Above, we mentioned that the waste materials of Acrylic sheet can be completely recovered and recycled. Therefore, the so-called inferior sheet is the acrylic sheet made of recycled MMA monomer, which is the back sheet, and the appearance of the back sheet is because people The lack of comprehensive understanding of recycled sheet and its low price make the recycled acrylic sheet occupy a large market space in China. However, with the gradual deepening of people's understanding of acrylic materials, the living space for recycled boards will become smaller and smaller. We can identify the following five points:

1. Appearance: The appearance of the recycled board is yellow, which is obvious from its cross section;

2. The surface is easily scratched. From the characteristics of the acrylic sheet mentioned above, it can be understood that it has excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance, and the regenerated plate also produces irritating odor when cutting.

3. sensitive to paint ink, prone to silver lines or cracks;

4. Foaming when burning, emitting black smoke and stimulating odor;

5, easy to generate bubbles, deformation when heated

  Through some of the above simple identification methods, I think we have mastered how to identify the pros and cons of acrylic sheet, but also can avoid some unnecessary losses. We can also look at its long-term performance, high-quality acrylic plates, usually using high-quality raw materials and a unique formula production process, so that it has excellent long-term outdoor performance. In fact, good sheet metal manufacturers will generally provide samples and actual products. You can compare the color and some parameters for verification and it is easier to identify.

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